Sunday, October 25, 2009


"You are what you eat."
"You are what you digest and absorb."
"You are what you don't eliminate."

All these are quotes from people in the health care field over the years. They are all true.

Right now, one of the most dangerous threats to our health is GMO food. GMOs are "genetically modified organisms". Recombinant DNA is spliced with natural food for a variety of purposes. Recombinant simply means that DNA is "recombined" to form a food that never occurred in nature. The problem is that your digestive tract can't recognize it to digest and assimilate it and your immune system doesn't know how to react to it.

Did you know that there are children alive today that have never had real food? So much of our American food, over 80%, contains GMOs. Over 80% of the corn, soy, dairy, and canola oil available in this country contain GMOs. Did you know that some tomatoes and strawberries are spliced with fish and pig genes to keep them from freezing? Scary thought. This is wreaking havoc on our health in the form of hormone imbalances, digestive disorders (like Celiac), auto-immune diseases, depression, and many more.

What is the answer? Buy organic whenever possible. If you can't get organic, read the label and make sure that it says something like "GMO-free", or "This product does not contain genetically modified ingredients".

When buying fruits and vegetables, make sure you look at the UPC sticker. If it is commercially grown, it will have 4 digits. If it is organic, it will have 5 digits beginning with a 9. If it contains GMOs, it will have 5 digits beginning with an 8. For example, the UPC for bananas is 4011. If they are organic, it will read 94011. If they are genetically modified, it will say 84011.

Eating purer food is the first step to increasing your level of health.

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