Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More good news about Vitamin D

Vitamin D has really been in the news lately. It helps with much more than just strong bones. There were a couple more studies that I read recently that I found interesting...

One was done in Canada and found that with adequate Vitamin D levels, there was a reduction in the risk for breast cancer! Vitamin D Supplements and Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

The other article talked about taking a Vitamin D supplement instead of the flu vaccine to decrease the risk of getting the flu. It was effective and non-toxic! Now that's what I like to hear. Vitamin D Boosts Immunity against Flu

 If you do take a supplement, take it in the Vitamin D3 form. Common dosages are between 400 - 5,000 I.U.s per day

We all know that prudent sun exposure is good for our health. Be wise about it. Don't get burned, wear a hat, use a non-toxic, non-nanoparticle sunblock and have a good time!

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