Sunday, July 11, 2010

Simple, yet Powerful Health Tips

Good health is often the result of not interfering with the natural flow of life. God designed us to be healthy and self-healing. It's when we interfere with the life-force that naturally occurs from Above-Down-Inside-Out that health issues can occur. The more interference you can detect and eliminate, the better your life-force will flow.

In Chiropractic Philosophy, we are taught about three intelligences: Universal Intelligence (some people call this God), Innate Intelligence (the life-force within each of us, some people call this the Holy Spirit), and Educated Intelligence. You can override Universal or Innate Intelligence with your Educated Intelligence. Your inner voice might tell you, "You'd be better off with less caffeine" or "How about replacing some of those Twinkies with some fruit?". You can either listen and obey or rationalize your behavior and drown out that voice.

Anyway, this is a subject that is an ongoing discussion and better dealt with on my other blog:  The purpose of this blog is to give you physical health tips. Although, most of us know that you cannot separate Spirit-Soul-Body.

Here are some great health tips that are simple, but powerful when applied consistently:

1)   Charlotte Gerson (she runs a Natural Healing Institute for cancer in Mexico) says that it's much easier to prevent cancer than to heal it. Include many live/raw foods each day that have all the live, disease-fighting enzymes in them. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies, miso soup, probiotics, etc. She said that white flour can't even sustain life for the lowly maggot! Eat whole grains, especially sprouted!

2) We are a nation of constipation. Most medical doctors will tell you that 3-5 BMs per week is normal. Most natural healthcare practitioners way 2-3 per day! Eat a diet high in vegetable matter and good, clean water. Start your day off with a cup of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. If taken on an empty stomach, it will go directly to the large intestines and stimulate peristalsis - the natural wave-like motion of the intestines. It also gets the liver cleansing!

3)  2 drops of castor oil in the eye each morning can help dissolve catarracts!

4)  Regular exercise, clean water, good rest, sunshine, temperance, fresh air, good nutrition, and trust in God all work together to create healing miracles!

5) Essiac tea is Canada's #1 cancer cure!

6)  Check out my earlier post about doing a gallbladder cleanse.

More to come!

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