Monday, November 9, 2009

A GREAT natural deodorant

Since before I was in chiropractic college, I have been in search of a good natural deodorant. I've tried many, many brands from the local health food stores. None of them worked for me.

My search is over! I learned about this from Lani Simpson, D.C., a fellow chiropractor whom I took some seminars from. (You can also check her out at ). I have been using it exclusively for about a month now. It's great. I have switched my teenage daughter over to it and my husband is interested as well.

It is simply BAKING SODA!

This is how you do it:

1) wet your finger with water
2) smear the water in your armpit (axilla, to be technical)
3) dip the same, moist finger into baking soda
4) smear the baking soda onto the wet armpit

Dr. Lani also says that if you have an odor problem for the first few days while your body is adjusting, swipe some rubbing alcohol under your arms before the baking soda. (Don't shave your underarms for the first few days of doing this) I only had to do this for the first day. Now, I only use the baking soda.

A couple of notes: you will still perspire and I experienced a tingling sensation throughout the day during spurts of perspiring. Most of us have suppressed perspiration for so long, we forgot what it feels like. Also, I have not used it during the summer yet, even thought we have had some days in the 90s and I did fine. I carry a little bit of the baking soda in my purse in case I need to freshen up during the day, but have not used it yet. I figure that even if I need back-up during the summer months, there will still be several months of not adding more toxins to my system that are going to mess with my liver, immune system, hormones, etc., etc.


    Hi Dr. Deb,

    A bit of synchronicity - I posted a video today regarding how to use baking soda and why. Later, when I googled my name your blog came up on page 3 or so. Check out my youtube chanel above.



  2. Thanks so much for passing along the information. I'm definitely going to try that. I've been using Tom's of Maine but I always have to spritz a little body spray to make sure there's no body odor.

    Actually, how does body spray affect the body? I could very well be defeating the purpose and not know it.