Sunday, November 8, 2009

Regarding c-section babies' health

If you had a c-section, your baby's immune system might not have gotten off to the best start. As babies pass through the vaginal canal, they swallow naturally occuring, healthy bacteria that start to set up the immune system inside the intestines.

To help make that up, supplement your baby's feeding with Bifidobacterium Lactis (formerly know as Bifidiobacterium Infantis). Sprinkle about a 1/16 tsp. on your moistened nipple twice a day so baby gets it when nursing. If you are bottle feeding, put it directly into the formula mixture.

I like Metagenics brand because of its known purity and proven effectiveness. Also, it is the only brand that I know whose potency is guaranteed through the EXPIRATION DATE, not just the MANUFACTURE DATE. That's an important distinction. Also, it is shipped to me refridgerated, an added plus.

Healthy babies are happy babies!

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